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Frequently Asked Questions

LandLogo™ - A logo, slogan, image or message produced on a large area of land.

Why are LandLogo™ images popular?

  • A LandLogo™ enhances progressive architectural themes
  • The availability of GPS now makes reproductions affordable
  • GMO technology makes more crop color options feasible
  • A LandLogo™ provides an alternate use for CRP set aside ground
  • The Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) will increase air passenger service through the regional airports in next few years
  • Large images are viewable via internet access to satellite web sites

Where should your LandLogo™ be placed?

  • Near approaches or departures to major airports
  • Near intersections of FAA airway routes
  • Along distant hillsides near major roads and Interstates
  • Along roadway embankments (may require signage permit)
  • Near your corporate offices, hanger or manufacturing facilities

Who is the audience for your LandLogo™?

  • Air travel passengers and visitors arriving for local conventions or business
  • Private pilots, sight seers and their passengers
  • Drive-by public and passengers generate additional conversation
  • Employees, stockholders, business associates, clients, suppliers
  • Internet surfers viewing earth via satellite web sites

What are some of the advantages of a LandLogo™?

  • Provides a unique and the latest form of advertising
  • Access frequent fliers, air travel, air freight and transport systems
  • Generates additional publicity for your company
  • Provides an environmentally friendly alternative to limited billboard availability
  • Promote your company’s business
    • Emphasize themes i.e. “big, huge, global, earthly or worldly” image
    • Identify with nature, ground, terrain, mountain sides or real estate, etc.
    • Promote crops, seed, ag equipment, fertilizer or other plant products

Why use Farm Buddy® and Precision Partners for your LandLogo™?

  • Farm Buddy company created their first land logo in 1992
  • Farm Buddy company has twelve years of experience in logo reproductions and crop artwork across IN, IL, IA, KS, NE and WI
  • Precision Partners alliance established in 2004
  • Extensive ag network and access to farm ground for logo sights
  • Experience with precision planting, Round-up Ready and GMO crops
  • Pilot and aerial photography service available on staff

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